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Joann Francis Talking About Anti-Aging Skin Treatments & Medical Cosmetics on the Local News in West Palm Beach, FL

Videos About Loss of Collagen & Elasticity, Facial Veins, Hair Removal, Makeup & Cancer Patient Skin Care

Tips and Treatment Options for Rosacea

Watch JoAnn Francis discuss Rosacea treatment options on WPTV 5 News

What Causes Aging?

JoAnn touches on the

Eyebrow Shaping

Eybrows are the frame of your face. JoAnn shares her expertise on properly shaping your eyebrows to match your face. Great tips JoAnn!
Seen on “The Beauty Beet” The Now South Florida

Signs of Aging (part 1)
Loss of Collagen

Signs of Aging (part 2)
Loss of Elasticity

Facial Veins

JoAnn Demonstrates how to get rid of those nasty red and blue veins better known as rosacea using the Palomar Icon IPL.

Party Prep Makeup

Shared tips on getting your party makeup on!

Tips on Lips

What you may not know

JoAnn talks about a few tips on keeping your lips healthy.

Hair Removal and Skin Irritation

JoAnn Francis talks about professional hair removal and home remedies to help relieve the itching, burning and irritations from hair removal. Also, how to treat in-ground hair with Tend Skin and home made remedies.

Healthy Skin

JoAnn Francis discusses the aging process due to the loss of Collagen, the environment and the aging process. JoAnn describes the three levels of skin care and their differences. She includes professional and home remedies to help keep your skin healthy and looking younger.

Washing vs Cleaning

JoAnn Francis share tips on how to properly clean your skin using professional products and Home Remedies. The main purpose of this video is to to get the customer to realize that washing your skin does not necessarily mean that your skin is getting clean.

Sun Protection

JoAnn Francis shares her professional advice on how to properly protect your skin from Sun Damage. She also talks about the two types of rays that are damaging to your skin cells and shares with us how to help repair the damage cause by the sun over the years.

Makeup Clinic

JoAnn Francis talks about Makeup Clinic and what to watch out for when choosing a Makeup Artist.

* Results may vary and results are not guaranteed.

Moisturize vs Hydration

JoAnn Francis discusses the difference between moisturizing and Hydrating your skin.

JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics

JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics covers an array of Medical and Non-Medical services to fit everyone’s Aesthetic needs. This includes but is not limited to Clinical Facials, Peels, Microdermabrasion, Makeup and Scar Camouflage. In addition, JoAnn also will provide Laser Hair removal treatments, Photo Facials, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Botox, Liquid Face lift and more. Please feel comfortable calling JoAnn with further questions. We are more than confident that your questions and concerns will be fully and professionally answered to your complete satisfaction.

Homemade Self Tanners

JoAnn Francis share some “Home Made” self tanners for those who need just a little colors before they leave the house.

Preparing your Skin for Summer

JoAnn Francis gives us some “Home Made” tips on how to exfoliate your whole body and to get your entire body ready for summer and those summer dresses.


Cancer Patient Skin Care

JoAnn Francis shares some insight on proper skin care for those who are being treated for cancer


Is Moisturize A Bad Word?

Man Gifts

Back Acne What causes “Back Acnes” and how do we address it? JoAnn Francis touches on the causes but also addresses simple ways to help prevent and clear up back acnes.