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Microblading West Palm Beach, FL

JoAnn Francis is an Experienced Certified Makeup Clinic Micropigmentation Specialist who Provides Brow Filling Sometimes Called Hair Stroke Brows. Call (561) 616-1001 For Free Consultation.

Microblading West Palm Beach, FL

JoAnn Francis, microblading expert in West Palm Beach, FL, is trained and certified in the hair stroke method technique of microblading eyebrows cosmetics. JoAnn Francis uses a ‘state of the art’ digital computer to place the pigment into the skin with a single, disposable cartridge tip for a fine and precise 3D feather hair stroke look. JoAnn will discuss with you the most flattering look for your features. JoAnn prides herself on helping to educate her clients with choosing who is best for you to perform the microblading procedure.  JoAnn Francis is a certified makeup (micropigmentation) specialist for over 18 years, a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician as well as a certified professional makeup artist for film, television and photography.  In the state of Florida, as JoAnn is, you have to be licensed with the Florida Department of Health for:

1) Certification in completion of micropigmentation/ permanent makeup/ tattoo course.

2) Having an operating permit

3) Tattoo establishment license

4) Tattoo artist license

5) And must work under a physician or medical director

6) Bio-medical waste permit

There is not a certification needed for the practice of manual microblading. It is up to the customer to do their research.

Please check our website for the full fact sheet on microblading from the Society of Cosmetic Professionals.

JoAnn also specializes in micro-pigmentation for:

  • Eyelash enhancement
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip liner to full lips
  • Medical tattooing – such as re-pigmentation for areola and nipple and any white scars.


Florida Department of Health regulates tattooing.

Title XXIX Chapter 381 – public health: general provisions 381-00771-381-00791

Definitions of terms:

“Tattoo” means a mark or design made on or under the skin of a human being by a process of piercing and ingraining a pigment, dye, or ink in the skin.

“tattoo” includes, makeup, micro pigmentation , microblading.

tattoo artist” means a person who is licensed, registered, or certified to practice tattooing.

License’s and certifications required and need to be current are;

  1. Florida department of health tattoo education course certificate of completion
  2. State of Florida department of health operating permit for biomedical waste
  3. State of Florida department of health tattoo establishment license -fixed location
  4. State of Florida department of health tattoo artist license
  5. Tattoo artist working under a medical directors license posted in establishment

Entire guidelines set forth by the state of Florida Health Department may be obtained at www.flhealth.gov – tattoo artist license.






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