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Microblading in West Palm Beach

Eyebrow Microblading Located at 871 Village Blvd, Suite 603, West Palm Beach, FL. 33409 at an Affordable Cost. Request An Appointment Online or Call (561) 616-1001 JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics Spa.

Microblading in West Palm Beach

Your eyebrows can help to balance your overall appearance as well as frame your face and help your eyes really stand out. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup solution that can help you save time doing your makeup every day. At JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics Spa, we are proud to offer microblading services to our clients in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas, including Haverhill.

Doing your makeup can be time consuming and exhausting. We know that waking up early to make sure you have time to complete your makeup is tedious and inconvenient. But what if a permanent makeup clinic could offer you a way to reduce the time you spend putting on makeup? At JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics Spa, we want to help you feel confident and beautiful with minimal effort and less hassle.

Microblading is quickly becoming the most popular semi-permanent makeup procedure in the United States. It is simple, effective, and requires no downtime for recovery, making it an excellent choice for patients seeking long-lasting results. At JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics Spa, our priority is your comfort and satisfaction. Microblading sessions are typically less than an hour long and require minimal aftercare. Most patients return to all of their normal activities following their session. The only caveats to this are making sure your eyebrows do not get wet and avoiding excessive exercise for a few days following your appointment to ensure your eyebrows heal optimally. Vaseline or Aquaphor can be used to protect your newly accentuated brows for approximately 3 days after your session and atients will need to schedule a brief touch up appointment after 4-6 weeks.

During a microblading session, most patients will experience minimal discomfort while their semi-permanent makeup is applied. The procedure is minimally intrusive, and you can trust that the professionals at JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics Spa try to achieve maximum comfort during your session by using a numbing agent to soothe the eyebrow area prior to your treatment. Because your eyebrows are as individual as you are, your microblading treatment will be totally customized for you based on your individual needs. Customization includes a consultation to discuss your desired brow shape, as well as a precise pigment color match to ensure the most natural-looking results. We strive to make sure that you love your eyebrows and that they flatter your face shape and contour.

Aside from your initial touch-up following your first treatment, you will only need to return once every 1-2 years to polish your eyebrows. The needle used for microblading is roughly 1/3 the size of a tattoo needle, which allows the professionals at JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics Spa the precision required to define and shape your brows for totally natural-looking results.

If you are looking for microblading services at a permanent makeup clinic near Haverhill, look no further than JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics Spa in West Palm Beach. Our experienced professionals will work with you to create a unique brow look will help you save time doing your makeup and feel more confident in your facial appearance. Call our clinic today to schedule your consultation.