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Herbal Specialist & Natural Supplementation Anti-Aging Clinic in West Palm Beach, FL at JoAnn Francis Wellness Center

Natural Supplementation

The Wellness Center understands the role of natural supplementation in health and wellness. Our herbal specialists are here to educate you about the role of herbal supplements as natural adjuncts/alternatives to medications in ensuring total mind and body health. We will guide you in selecting the appropriate natural supplements for you to use in combination with healthy nutrition, multi-vitamin, and minerals.

About Supplements
Natural based supplements have been used for thousands of years dating back to our ancestors who were some of the healthiest people ever. Natural supplements are not the same thing as prescription medication, but in many scenarios can be used as an alternative and or adjunctive treatment.

Natural supplementation comes in many forms including pills, powders, ointments, and tinctures. Supplements have a wide range of uses, from aroma therapy and settling upset stomachs to menopause management and sleep aids. After reviewing your medical history and conducting a physical examination, our providers can recommend natural supplementations based on your individual needs.




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