SculpSure vs CoolScupting in West Palm Beach, FL

Doctor Bowen offers non-invasive laser treatment SculpSure body contouring to reduce fat with no downtime at JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics Med Spa.

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sculpsure-01 In the past when men and women wanted to get rid of excess fat from various parts of their bodies, they would rely on liposculpture. In the movies, this is usually referred to as liposuction, but that isn’t the term we use in the medical field. You use suction to get a clog out of a drain, while specialized doctors sculpt the body as the patient wishes. While this is probably the most well-known procedure for removing extra fat, it does have some drawbacks. Typical liposculpture procedures involve inserting a stainless-steel tube into the body to pull the fat out. This requires a local anesthesia and patients often require up to seven days to fully recover. Many patients also often deal with messy drainage issues from the areas that receive treatment. Over the years however, two new procedures have been developed for body sculpting and body contouring. They are known as Coolscupting and Sculpsure.

What is Coolscupting and Sculpsure?

Both of these procedures eliminate the need of inserting a tube into a patient’s body, thereby reducing recovery time and complications. Coolscupting involves bringing the temperature of your fat to just above freezing. Inside your body this causes the fat cells to crystalize and die. This fat is then removed from your body by your own natural processes. Sculpsure takes an opposite approach by heating the fat cells. Targeted laser energy is used to heat the fat cells under the skin. This heat damages the fat cells and they are eventually removed from your body by its lymphatic system. Does this burn your skin? Nope! An integrated cooling system makes sure your skin does not feel anything more than perhaps a warm sensation during the process. Both procedures are noninvasive and do not require anything to be inserted into your body to remove the fat. Both procedures damage fat cells and then your own body removes them.

Which is better? Coolscupting or Sculpsure?

This is an easy question. While both are equally safer and have less complications than liposculpture, Sculpsure will generally be the best procedure for you hands down.