Anti-Aging Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology Expert Zenia Echeverria, PA-C in West Palm Beach, FL

Zenia Echeverria, PA-C, Zen, instructed physicians and plastic surgeons in the latest facial filler injection techniques for the makers of Radiesse throughout southeast Florida and the Caribbean

Zenia Echeverria, PA-C

Zenia Echeverria is a licensed and board-certified physician assistant with over 13 years of cosmetic and medical dermatology experience. Formally trained at distinguished academic institutions, she earned her B.A. degree from Columbia University and her physician assistant degree from Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Ms. Echeverria completed prestigious internships at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering and NYU Medical Center after which she joined a prominent Park Avenue dermatologist in Manhattan’s Upper East Side where she provided general and aesthetic dermatologic care, sutured in the operating room as a surgical physician assistant in plastic surgery cases and helped conduct FDA clinical trials with Juvederm. Ms. Echeverria went on to become the clinical trainer for the makers of Radiesse, responsible for training physicians and plastic surgeons throughout southeast Florida and the Caribbean with the latest injection techniques.

Ms. Echeverria is well versed in all cosmetic procedures, including Botox and facial fillers such as Voluma, Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Perlane and Sculptra. Utilizing the full gamut of injectables, she offers full face and neck wrinkle correction, the “liquid facelift” and volumization for facial hollowing; as well as lip augmentation, non-surgical “nose job”, and hand rejuvenation. Moreover, she has had extensive training and experience with lasers and IPL systems to treat hyperpigmentation conditions (sun damage), facial veins, acne scarring and unwanted hair. Her expertise extends to neuro-modulator treatment of excessive sweating affecting the underarms, palms and feet and chemical peels for skin rejuvenation.

Ms. Echeverria joins JoAnn Francis Medical Esthetics to provide outstanding care for men and women with cosmetic and general dermatologic concerns affecting the face and body. Her expertise, skills and caring demeanor are sought after by residents in Palm Beach County and beyond, including seasonal snowbirds and the Equestrian/ Polo communities. She shares a passion for providing impeccable patient care in a safe medical environment in which patients can enjoy a tailored, anti-aging regimen that will yield a refreshed, natural and youthful appearance.

She keeps up to date with novel dermatologic advances and cutting edge technology by attending medical conferences and aesthetic symposia.