ZO 3 Step Stimulation Peel for Acne, Melasma, Sun Damage, Fine Lines, Texture Roughness, Large Pores & Dullness in West Palm Beach, FL

JoAnn Francis Anti-Aging, Dermatology & Cosmetics


The ZO 3-Step Stimulation Peel is a dual-action peel that is designed to stimulate and renew skin. With the use of a blend of exfoliants, retinol and multi-action agents, we use Dr. Zein Obagi’s to improve skin health, significantly, and treat many of the signs of aging. Essentially, it supports the improvement of skin barrier protection as well as increasing the skin’s ability to renew itself.

This innovative treatment is initially performed in-office to target acne, melasma, rough texture, fine lines, dullness and large pores. Then, clients follow-up with at-home treatment in order to produce longer lasting results in comparison to ordinary peels. What’s even better is that the ZO 3-Step Peel is suitable for all skin types.

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